GFWC Mechanicsburg started a book club in 1998 when Save Our Libraries was the project for the term.  After twenty-four years, the book club is still going strong.  A variety of books are read, chosen at each book club meeting by the members.  A lot of focus is on women related themes.  

We will hold our meetings in person at 2:00 PM and also via Zoom. 


Date          Author                       Title                     Hostess               

09/19/23      Benedict, Marie et al     The First Ladies                       Mary Jane Voight

10/17/23      Van Pelt, Shelby          Remarkably Bright Creatures  Betsy Rushong  11/21/23 Shapiro, B.A.        The Art Forger            Sue Hardenbrook                   

12/19/23      Morgan, Sarah                The Christmas Sisters             Marge Frantz

Mary Jane's






For directions and further information call Sue at 717-243-9872.

Updated 08.26.23